Where this all started

We were on the 6th floor of the library in Holland, MI digging deeply into the idea of mastery in areas of our own personal transformation.  In this community of learners I have blessed to be part of, we were challenging ourselves to take on the assignment of going after a skill set or a value with the intention of becoming “masters” in that area.

There were three or four areas that had surfaced in the space for me, but I also knew I only had the capacity to take on one or two.  It wasn’t long and I knew what they were going to be.

One of them is where I am beginning with this blog. It is in understanding and living out the value of “love.” Not as an emotion, but as a life value defined in two ways:  First, willing and acting for the good of others; and second, nobody wins unless everybody wins (not to be understood in a Charlie Sheen everybody get’s their way kind of thinking). Over the course of time I will flesh this out more, but for simplicity, let’s define “win” as being able to define onself in such a way as to be deeply understood.

As a part of my mastery of this value, I committed to re-reading each of the Gospels with the intention of seeing Jesus as perfectly loving in every situation and with every person. And, I made a commitment that I would be held accountable to writing about my interactions with Jesus in this adventure and the impact it is having on me.

So this is where we begin… Later 🙂

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